Director of Operations & Sonographer 


Nadine is the founder and CEO of The Ultrasound Centre and SaskSports Imaging. She graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program in 2006. After graduating, Nadine spent five years with the Saskatoon Health Region before beginning her career in community based ultrasound! The true heart of her business is the commitment to provide exceptional patient care and accurate diagnostic imaging. Nadine often has multiple things on the go, her current passion project utilizes telerobotic ultrasound technology to serve remote communities in need (telerobotic ultrasound). In addition to that, she is one of the MSK specialists working out of SaskSports Imaging (our specialists)and when her busy schedule allows, Nadine also works with Philips Canada as an Ultrasound Applications Specialist. To unwind, Nadine enjoys socializing, running, music, and travel!

"My daughter just had an ultrasound with Nadine. She was awesome and so kind to my 5 year old who is not feeling well. A heart filled thank u for being so sweet to my girl. It went a long way!"  -LM (2019)

"The technician who did my ultrasound was the most caring and gentle I have ever encountered. She made sure I was doing okay the whole time and was very professional. I did not feel intimidated at all nor felt rushed despite her day being really busy." -RB (2021)